There are two primary ways that you can use Wpoison to thwart the evil address harvesting web crawlers that spammers use to collect e-mail addresses from web pages.

The recommended approach, and the one that is more likely to produce the desired results is to download and then install your own copy of Wpoison on your own web site so that it will be served up by your own web server. If at all possible, please use this approach.

Unfortunately, quite a lot of people have their own web sites (which could benefit from the use of a locally-installed copy of Wpoison) but for reasons of security, the webmasters of these sites do not allow mere mortals to install or use CGI scripts on the web servers in question. (Quite a lot of the ``free'' web hosting sites on the Internet have this limitation.)

If your web site is one that does not allow you to install or use dynamic CGI scripts, then you don't have the option of being able to install or use your own local copy of Wpoison. In such cases, you may still be able to benefit from the presence of other installed copies of Wpoison that are available elsewhere on the web (in particular, our installed copies) merely by linking to them.