People use Wpoison for two reasons, the first is public-spirited, and the second is entirely selfish.[1]

Public-spirited netizens install and use Wpoison in the interest of the Common Good. The hope is that by using Wpoison to pollute the e-mail address data bases of spammers (hopefully beyond repair) we will all end up getting less spam.

On the other hand, you don't have to be a public-spirited benefactor in order to have a good reason to use Wpoison. Even if you don't give a darn about the rest of us who share the Internet with you, and even if you don't give a darn how much spam we have to suffer with, you may still want to install and use Wpoison on your own web site just as a way of reducing your own daily spam intake.

To understand why this might be the case, you must first understand that when a spammer turns loose one of these address harvesting web crawlers against your web site, the odds are pretty darn good that unless you do something to thwart him, he will harvest your e-mail address, any probably also all of the other web-accessible e-mail addresses of the other people in your company, department, school, University, military installation, or non-profit organization also. The result, of course, is that you (and probably all of your nearby colleagues as well) will get spammed, definitely by at least that spammer, but also by anybody he later sells your e-mail address to.[2]

To prevent this, you can and should install a copy of Wpoison someplace on your web site, and then install invisible links to it in as many of your web pages as possible, and most definitely from any and all web pages on your web site that contain e-mail addresses.

In effect, using Wpoison in this way on your web site should act as a type of inoculation against the evil address harvesting web crawlers. If they start to try to harvest e-mail addresses from your web site... well.. they will end up getting a lot more than they bargained for! And just like Real World[tm] inoculations against more traditional diseases, each time a person protects himself or herself, they are also doing a Good Thing for the general public health as well. Each time John Q. Public thwarts either a spammer or a smallpox germ, that is one less potential problem for you, for me, and for everybody. So please help us all by helping yourself! Download and install a copy of Wpoison on your own web site today! You'll be glad you did, tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that.

[1] The author doesn't really care which motivation moves you to use Wpoison. He is just hoping that you will use it, regardless of your reasons.

[2] Quite a lot of spammers seem to have given up on selling any sort of legitimate or illegitimate products, and many now confine themselves to just selling CDs containing vast numbers of e-mail addresses to other spammers. And this makes sense, at least when you use spammer-think, because the goal of all spammers is to make money without having to do any actual work... or at any rate, as little as possible... and creating huge lists of e-mail addresses and then putting them onto CDs and selling them requires about as much creativity and labor as making photocopies of the phone book and then trying to sell those photocopies to people who are even stupider and lazier than you are.