As explained elsewhere, you can make use of Wpoison either by installing a copy of it on your own web server (and then making hyper-links from your own web pages to your own installed copy of Wpoison) or else you can make hyper-links to someone else's installed copy of Wpoison. Note however that in the latter case, it is polite to let the owner of the installed copy of Wpoison know, e.g. via e-mail, that you plan to make links to his/her copy before you do so.

In either case, linking to some installed copy of Wpoison is entirely trivial, especially if you are familiar with HTML. (And if you aren't then you probably shouldn't be messing around with Wpoison in the first place!)

Assuming that your local installed copy of Wpoison is stored as a file named and that it is located in the eat-me subdirectory of your local DocumentRoot directory, then an HTML hyper-link to your local installed copy of Wpoison could be something as simple as just:
<A HREF="/eat-me/"> </A>
Note that in this example, there is nothing, i.e. no text, no images, no nothing, between the <A> tag and the corresponding </A> closing tag. That's perfectly OK, even if it looks a little strange. (Most HTML authors are accustomed to always putting something between the <A> and the corresponding </A>, but for our purposes here, that really isn't necessary.)

Creating what amounts to anonymous hyper-links, as illustrated above, is simplest way to incorporate hyper-links to Wpoison into your own web pages. It also has the advantage that these sorts of anonymous hyper-links won't even be visible to any of the human beings who might visit and view your web pages, although automated web scanning robot programs will still see these hyper-links.

At your option, you may want to put some stuff between the <A> and the </A>, in order to help throw off the address harvesting web crawlers (just in case any of them evolve enough intelligence to avoid empty hyper-links). If you elect to do that, then feel free to put whatever you like in between the <A> and the corresponding </A> tag, including text, <IMG...> tags, or any combination thereof.

Ideally, you should make hyper-links (as described above) from as many of your web pages as possible to some installed copy of Wpoison. However if you have a large and complicated web site, or one that is evolving or changing frequently, this may be impractical. In such cases, it may be sufficient to just insert hyper-links to Wpoison into a few key pages, in particular your site's home page as well as any pages that contain links to pages that themselves contain actual/real e-mail addresses that you would like to protect from harvesting.

If you want to create a link from your own pages to our installed copy of Wpoison located here on our server, you may do so simply by incorporating the following snippet of HTML code into as many of your own web pages as you like:
<A HREF=""> </A>